OMG! Tina Dutta was Sexually Harassed in Jet Airways

Popular Indian Television serial 'Uttaran' fame Tina Dutta suffered a massive shock when she was sexually harassed while she was travelling in Jet Airways.

Actually she had to attend an event in Rajkot, Gujarat and she board the flight from Mumbai in Jet Airways.

The incidence started when a middle aged man was sitting beside her and initially he started fondling her arms and hands but later said sorry when Tina objected.

Things started getting worse when the man proceed more and than Tina had to complain the air hostess about changing the seat of the man but the air-hostess didn't listen to her and told her to sit quietly on her place.

Later after so much arguments, the airhostess even said that if that man will be thrown out of the flight than she will also have to unboard the flight, to this Tina again objected but no one listened to her.

Shockingly the families sitting there, no one helped her in this regard.

When Tina talked to the Captain of the flight, he told her to wait till reaching Rajkot.

Its very sad to note that whether it may be public places, flight, buses or anywhere else, women are not safe anywhere and the most shocking fact that people have till now never accepted that its their responsibility for the safeguard of women.

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