Shah Rukh Khan's SHOCKING Comment on Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan

Shah Rukh Khan along with his entire Raees team is engaged in promoting the film and the film producer Ritest Sidhwani in a recent event said that as the team is going through the promotion, than the team will decide whether to involve her or not. He even said that altough there is visa problem due to the tension between India and Pakistan, still than artists from Pakistan can come as its upto the makers of the film to decide whether to involve them in the movie promotion or not. And when Shah Rukh Khan was asked about the rumours that some scenes were asked by SRK to be tamed down or cut down, to this he said, "In my 25 years i have never spoken to a director or to a producer and a write and told them to change the line or a scene or cut it or put it and if i am asked about a scene, i will asked upon a scene i will discuss with all my co-actors, co-director or producer." "I have never ever gone in my career to an editing room in the intension of changing something, and if i am called to an editing room, i see and come back," he added. For more watch out this video:
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