This Woman Caught Hotel Manager Watching Her Undress, Offered One Night Free Stay

In general this is a social stigma that men are the real culpricts of ruining the privacy of women in many times and its true and few days back a married woman named Clare Day caught the manager watching her undress in the hotel where she was staying.

Fearing their reputation, the hotel authority offered her one more night stay as compensation. The incidence took place in this way when Clare was in her hotel room changing her dress and through the key holes, the manager got  a view of her naked body.

And when Clare felt somthing, she saw the manager and instantly she covered her up and lashes out at him, and on the next instance, she even called the Hotel authority and informed about the matter.

Clare demanded an action against the manager and when the CCTV footage was observed the manager was immediately fired by the hotel authority with a warning from the police.

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