A Handicap Beggar approached Shah Rukh Khan to give him something to Eat and What SRK did will double Your Love and Respect

Shah Rukh Khan is the King Khan of Bollywood not only because of his enormous talent, but also he is extremely down to earth and he is always ready to help poor and needy people who ask him for any help.

Just recently a very interesting incident happened that shows how humble and down to earth Shah Rukh Khan is.

When Shah Rukh Khan was coming out of a restaurant in Mumbai, a beggar was waiting outside for him. When SRK came outside the beggar said to him that just to catch a glimpse of him he was standing outside.

The beggar said to him that he is very hungry, listening to these words of the beggar Shah Rukh Khan put his hands on his head and arranged food for him through his bodyguard. Isn't it the humblest thing he did?
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If you are a die hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan than this generous act by him will double your respect towards him.
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