Govinda Said he doesn't want to be a Hindrance on Salman Khan's Mission on Success

Bollywood's two actors Govinda and Salman Khan were once very good and close friends and we hope they are now also.

Both the actors have seen so many ups and downs in their friendship and career and recently there was a rumour thar all is not well between Salman Khan and Govinda as Govinda had earlier said that Salman has never helped him in his career.

Recently during an event Govinda said, "We appreciate each other as human beings. We have seen life closely and have been through tough times. If you have someone like this in your life... sab takleef nikal jaati hai."

The two stars have done numerous films and the biggest example is 'Partner' but during the recent films, Salman hasn't worked with Govinda and this might be the fact why Govinda is upset over Salman.

"I know a lot of people criticised my dressing sense, or my dance style and say, 'Arre yeh kya rang birange se, ajeeb se dance style se kaam karta rehta hai.' But what they don't know is the fact that not everyone agrees with their opinion. There were, and there still are people, who like what I did and it's because of them that those films worked," said Govinda.
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