I Never Enjoy doing Bold Scenes, Says Wajah Tum Ho actress Sana Khan

Bollywood hottie Sana Khan who was last seen in the sizzling and hot movie 'Wajah Tum Ho' and when she had shared the poster on her Instagram, she was heavily trolled on her Instagram and some even said that Sana enjoys doing bold scenes.

Talking to a leading daily Sana rubbished all the rumours and said, "Firstly, I never said it in that context. There's nothing wrong in doing bold scenes. Tomorrow if I play a murderer in a violent film, you can't go around and say that I love to kill people. As an actor, you enjoy the characters that you play in a movie."

Sana is quite upset that people have started judging her on the basis of role she did on her last film. Frankly speaking the way Sana did lots of bold acts and the way she flaunted her body, its obvious ppl will think the same.

To this Sana said, "Actors are here to perform various kind of roles and we represent some another character. You can't judge us by what we portray on screen. After watching a movie, you can't conclude that I am the same person in real life too. While doing a film, I'm trying to stay connected to my character and that's not what who I am in real."

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