Movies in Which Actors did Intimate Scenes in Real that Created Huge Controversy

There are quite a few movies that are actually so erotic that you along with family can never dare to watch with. Some Indian films are also included in the list and most of them are Bengali films.

Due to excess of sex scenes, some of the films couldn't be released but some are there that after a lot of controversy are made to release in the cinema halls.

Check this out:

1.Chatrak(Bengali Film)
Release Date: 6 Feb 2013

In this film Bengali actress Paoli Dam did an extremely bold role and she became the first actress to do so. Due to the extremely erotic scenes that are actually real became a matter of huge controversy.

2.9 Songs(British Art and Romantic Drama)
Release Date: 21 January 2005

In this film the actor Kieran O’Brien and the actress Margo Stilley did sex in real and due to that the film became a matter of controversy but later was released.

3.LOVE(French 3D Romantic Drama)
Release Date: 15 July 2015

The script of this film rotates around a school student and his ex-girlfriend and all the sex scenes in this film are real.

4.Intimacy(British Film)
Release Date: 28 March 2001

In this film the characters are actually strangers and to quinch their sexual desire they use to meet in weekly basis and later fall in love. All the sex scenes are real.

5.Gandu(Bengali Film)
Release Date: 2010

Due to excessive sex scenes this film was not made to release. Anubrat Basu played the lead character in this film.

6.A Real Young Girl(French Drama)
Release Date: 28 April 1999

This film is based on the sexual awakening of a 14 year old boarding school girl. The girl named Alice will be seen doing sex with the servant of her house.

7.All About Ana(Dutch Movie)
Release Date: 24 November 2005

In this film , the girl named Ana after being ditched by boyfriend be seen making many sexual relationships with many men and most of the sex scenes are real.

8.Baise Moi(French Movie)
Release Date: 28 June 2000

A girl after being gang raped went on the path of anti social activities. Almost all the sex scenes in this film are real.

9.Anatomy Of Hell(French Erotic Drama)
Release Date: 24 January 2004

This film is based about a girl who has been banned from the society and she started doing sex with a gye.

10.In The Realm Of Senses(French-Japanese Film)
Release Date: 15 September 1976

This film is based on the life of a psycho killer lady who after doing sex use to kill the sex partner.

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