These Bollywood Celebrities were Once Famous but Lost their Identity due to Lack of Work

Mumbai: Very recently the actress Alisha Khan who has worked with Emraan Hashmi is seen on the roads of Greater Kailash and her condition was so pathetic that you can't even imagine.

However she is not the only actress who is in so poor condition, so many other prominent artists are now living like they have no work, no food etc.

Some are in mental asylum where some committed suicide due to lack of money and work.

Check out some of the Bollywood celebrities who were once famous and rich but now they have nothing left.

1.Jagdish Mali

Bollywood actress Antara Mali's father Jagdish Mali was a famous photographer but due to absence of work he was left with no source of income and was spotted living the life of beggar.
Model Mink Barar recognised him and gave him something to eat and in Salman Khan's car he dropped him at his home. On 13th May 2013, he died.

2.Gitanjali Nagpal

Gitanjali Nagpal who was once a famous model and for many fashion designers she walked on the ramp. She was spotted in the form of a beggar. In the posh market of South Delhi she was spotted asking money.

3.Mitali Sharma

Mitali Sharma who is basically from Delhi came to Mumbai to try in Bollywood but after doing a couple of modelling assignments, she was jobless for years together and Mumbai Police caught her doing theft.

She is currently now in mental asylum. Now the family of Mitali are not evening coming to Mumbai to see their daughter.

4.Parveen Babi

Yesteryear late actress Parveen Babi who did numerous blockbuster Bollywood movies like 'Amar Akbar Anthony', 'Shaan', 'Diwaar', 'Namak Halal' to a names in few committed suicide and the reason is still unknown.

5.Achala Sachdev

Famous yesteryear Bollywood actress took her last breath in April 2012, reports says that neither her son who is staying in America nor her daughter who is staying in Mumbai itself came to help her.

Due to an accident, she couldn't work anymore and she had no money. Not a single Bollywood celebrity helped when she was in desparate need of help.
At last the Foundation Trust to whom she had given lacs of rupees when she was an actress, came forward to help her and provided her a guest house to stay and took complete responsibility for her treatment.
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