This Bollywood Actress Said, Its not Wrong to Give Nude Scenes if Script Demands

Mumbai: After the movie 'Parched' the lead actress Radhika Apte came into limelight due to her nude scenes and love making scenes that shocked the entire country.

Due to this film Radhika suffered so many controversies and infront of the media also she without any fear accepted that with the demand of the script she shed her clothes and she doesn't have any regret for the same.

In an exlusive interview with a leading daily Radhika said that its not wrong to get nude in a movie scene if script demands and love making scenes are now a days are quite normal to do for her.

In the film 'Parched' there is a very intense love making scene between Radhika Apte and Aadil Hussain, later Aadil himself said that he considers Radhika as his sister and people should not take it otherwise.

Due to the intense love making scenes, there was so much tension between the producer Ajay Devgn and the Censor Board and after that some parts of the sex scenes were blurred and then the film went for a release.

Although the film couldn't run as it was expected in India but in the western countries, it became a grand success.
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