Top 10 Read Incidence when These Stars Saved Their co-stars on the sets

Its quite normal during the shoot of some movies that have lots of action scenes and the actors are hurt or injured while doing stunts.
Same thing also happens in the making of some bollywood films, but some actors are too much daring that they not only save the entire cast and crew members but also save their co-stars too.

1.Anuskha Sharma(NH-10) 2015

During one of the scenes, a box weighing 900 kilograms was hanging at a height of 150 m but when Anuskha sensed that due to high wind the box was about to fall she pushed the members of the team to safe place and saved so many lives.

2.Kajol(Gerua) Film-Dilwale

During the shoot of this romantic song, both the stars were at the edge and suddenly, Shah Rukh Khan slipped but thank God Kajol caught hold his hands and saved him from a major injury.

3.Karan Singh Grover(Alone) Release- 2014

During the shoot of a scene sitting on a Jet-Ski with Bipasha sitting on his back, there was a sequence when Karan was to make a u-turn while riding, and suddely Bipasha fell on the water, but on the right time Karan jumped into the water and saved her life.

4.Co-star saved the life of Salman Khan

Salman Khan is the biggest star of Bollywood, during the shoot of Tere Naam in the year 2003, there was a scene in which Salman had to walk on the railway track but when Salman sensed that the train behind him was much near, knowing that his co-star Bhumika Chawla pushed him to get out of the track and saved his life.
During an event Salman Khan hilself shared this moment.

5.John Abraham

During the shoot of 'Force', Bollywood actor John Abraham saved his co-star Genelia D'souza from a major accident. It was raining heavily and the jeep slipped and was about to fall on the deep trench of the hills. John being brave enough not only saved himself but also Genelia.

6.Akshay Kumar

During the shoot of Andaaz in the year 2003, Lara Dutta fell on the deep sea from a great height and at that time Akshay Kumar being the super stunt hero of Bollywood jumped and saved her life.

7.Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar saved the life of Ranveer Singh's hair dresser Darshan when after the wrap off of the film 'Dil Dhadakne Do' went to dive on the sea but due to high tide he was in great trouble. But Farhan jumped into the sea and saved his life.

8.Sunil Dutt

In the film 'Mother India' in 1967, during a scene yesteryear actress Nargis was in the middle of high flames and no one could dare to save her but Sunil Dutt jumped into the fire and took her out of big danger.

9.Varun Dhawan

'Main Tera Hero' hero is a real son and what he did to make his father David Dhawan to get rid of ill health, very few people can do that. Actually during the shoot of the film, David suffered food poisoning and to make him vomit Varun put his fingers in his mouth and made him to vomit.

10.Varun Dhawan

During the shoot of his debut bollywood film, actor Varun Dhawan saved the life of his co-star Sahil Anand.

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