Varun Dhawan breaks Silence over Shocking comment on 'Tamma Tamma' by Saroj Khan

Although fans are going crazy over the new version of 'Tamma Tamma' by Bollywood's new heart-throbs Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt but the real choreographer Saroj Khan is quite upset over this matter that she was not even called by Varun Dhawan while filming the song rather both Alia and Varun met the real stars of the song Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt.

Talking to a leading daily referring Madhuri Dixit as her assistant, she said, "Why should they call me? They don't owe me anything? Maybe they felt since my assistant Madhuri Dixit was there, they didn't need me around."

In response to this ongoing matter  Varun said, "I would want to apologize to Saroj Ji, but it wasn't in my hands. I didn't have her number and I don't know her personally. I had asked dad  for her number, but by that time he had gone to London."

Moreover Saroj Khan even said, "Maybe, they think that Masterji (referring to herself) has become old and Madhuri Dixit hasn't. That's why they have called her"
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