What Mahira Khan said when she was asked, Who is the Best, Shah Rukh Khan or Fawad Khan?

Pakistani beauty Mahira Khan is very happy that her first bollywood debut that too with superstar and King Khan of the film industry Shah Rukh Khan has become a grand success.

She said that she is not that much upset as she could not come to India to promote her film but she said that she was regularly watching all the promos and events staying at home itself.

Mahira was asked so many questions to which she replied in a much happy way. Take a look at the questions and what is her answers.

1.How is the response you got for Raees?

Mahira said, "I got huge response that i had never imagined before, complements that i received from people was awesome."

2.Did you miss everyone during promotion?

She said, "Yes i did, specially the cast and crew but staying in Pakistan itself i was having a close look at the success of Raees and i am very happy for that."

3.Do you feel upset that the film has not been released in Pakistan?

To this Mahira said, "film is going to be released in Pakistan too, fans are eagerly waiting for it."

5.What is the difference between Fawad Khan and Shah Rukh Khan you feel?

To this question Mahira gave an amazing reply, she said, "i have worked with Fawad Khan and he is a very good co-actor, now also he calls me, and if i talk about Shah Rukh Khan, the chemistry between me and him in Raees is completly different, so i never differentiate between SRK and Fawad as it is not good to do."
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