Divya Dutta: Casting Couch Proposals also Happens to Men, not just confined to Women

Cases of casting couch in the film industry has always been in news, some come to limelight and some are hidden due to some reasons.

Latest controversy is when Tamil actor Varalakshmi Sarathkuma spoke about how a TV head honcho made an indecent proposal to her, and she didn't accept that, rather she revealed it in the public.

Many Indian Celebrities including some actors have shown their displeasure and one of them is the gorgeous and versatile actress Divya Dutta.

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Talking to a leading daily she said, "There are all kinds of people everywhere. It depends on what a woman wants. Wherever there is ambition, wherever there are opportunities, there are bound to be these kind of proposals. It is not just confined to women, it also happens to men. We can’t say it’s a woman’s problem. This is the society’s problem at large."

"I have been fortunate enough to have never encountered this. What a woman needs is a good family background and strong support from friends and I had it. If you don’t have a family and you need friends then you may get lost in this world because this is a very unpredictable profession. So, find your own way and enjoy it. If you find it difficult, then look for other options. Don’t make a do and die situation out of it," she said to Hindustan Times.
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