Pakistani Actress Rabi Pirzada speaks up against Salman Khan said his films Spreads Crime

Pakistani beauty rabi Pirzada expressed her hatred towards Bollywood films and specially for the dabangg Salman Khan and during an event in Pakistan said the Indian films have ruined the Youth in Pakistan and the reason are Salman's films.

Much before that other Pakistani actresses like Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar had also come under scanner due to their hate speech towards Bollywood actors and the film industry.

Rabi said, "Every other film released in Bollywood happens to be about crime or some criminal activities, especially films of Salman Khan. My question is, what are Indian film-makers teaching the youth? It seems like they are just promoting crime. "

"There was a time when Pakistani cinema was at its peak, making films with moral lessons and plots highlighting social ethics. We were educating the society through our films but Bollywood has changed all of that," she added.

The actual scenario of Pakistani film industry is that it is in a dying situation but in the recent days there is a slight change as the newcomers are trying their level best to make the Pakistani film industry to a respectable position.

But the way Bollywood is being blamed by some Pakistani actors, what you guys think? Is it good to do so, that too in such a disgusting way?
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