SHOCKING: Leaked Video of Rakhi Sawant Changing Clothes Going Viral

Controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant is in the headlines once again and the reason is her leaked video in which she is seen changing her clothes.

The video is going viral on Youtube as well as social media. Moreover the authenticity of the video is not clarified yet.

In the video you can see Rakhi flaunting her curves so stunningly, she told Pinkvilla over the video, "Yes, I saw the video and I am very upset. I have worked in the film industry for 11 years and have not experienced anything like this. I don’t know who it is, looks like me, maybe she is my duplicate. But it is not me."

With these statements Rakhi seems confused whether she is in the video, she added, "Sometimes I think maybe, it is me. Well, I don’t know what to think. However, I want to put it behind me."

Check out this video:
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