Top 7 Sexual Explicit Bollywood Movies That You Can't Miss

Thousand of Indian movies are released in a year and out of that some of the most sensual and sexual explicit movies that you can't miss.

This article covers the top 10 erotic and sexual explicit Bollywood movies that you must watch.

7.Hate Story-3 (2015)

What happens when Love turns hate, hate turns betrayal. 'Hate Story 3' is a venomous thriller set in today’s corporate world filled with its Loathe, Lies and Revenge.
The story revolves around Aditya Singh (Sharman Joshi) and  Siya Singh (Zarine Khan) who control the family business after the sad demise of Aditya’s elder brother Vikram. Enter their life is a unknown businessman Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover). Saurav who shows an interest in merging with Aditya’s company makes an absurd offer ever.

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6.Hate Story-2 (2014)

The Indian censor boards objected to the sex scenes airing as part of the trailer and music video on TV channels, therefore the producers of the film edited certain portions. Comedian Kapil Sharma refused to promote the film on the grounds that he did not want to expose an erotic thriller to a family audience watching his TV show, Comedy Nights with Kapil.

5. Mastram (2014)

Rajaram, a small town bank clerk who dreams of travelling to Delhi and becoming a reputed writer. His litterateur aspirations are supported by none except his wife Renu. He leaves his job to become a full-time writer, but cannot find a publisher for his book. One publisher agrees only if he would add sensational elements or masala to his dull tale. He is unable to decode masala until he meets Chacha, an eccentric, old village idiot who shows him the spicier side of life. He adopts the pseudonym of Mastram and churns out his pornographic novel series, which becomes a best selling cake. He gets successful however all credits are attributed to Mastram not Rajaram.

4. Zindagi 50-50 (2013)

Zindagi 50 50 has three stories of common people's special dreams. And to fulfill those dreams they have to struggle hard. Sometimes few get it easily, where most of them must struggle very hard with lots of sacrifice, values, principals to achieve their dreams. Among them only few get it after long struggle time where most of them have to loose everything with a failure tag.

3. B.A. Pass (2013)

In B.A. Pass, sex happens to people rather than being something people do because of personal and emotional impulses. Still, so long as Bahl's attention is upon a young man who becomes a prostitute because of circumstances, B.A. Pass holds your attention. There are all sorts of little nuances — the relationship between grief and sex, death wish and sexual gratification, notions of maturity, the importance of money — that you can imagine into the story.

2. Nasha (2013)

Ths story is all about a boy who is attracted towards a 25 year old gorgeous and sexy lady and all his unfulfilled sexual desire for the lady becomes an obsession, actually the theme of the film is about adiction towards sex and desire.

1. Hate Story (2012)

In the film Hate Story, it is about the lead lady turning into a prostitute - might still have worked, I can imaginably have given that much to the writers. But, the film that it has turned into is certainly well worth hating. From acting to music to pretty much everything else, Hate Story pushes your patience to the brink.

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