Why Shah Rukh Khan Hasn't received any National Award? Quora Has the Answer

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan no doubt is one of the best actor in the film industry and many of his films are actually of very high level to get a national award.

Whether it be 'Swadesh' of 'Chak De India' Shah Rukh Khan gave his best and for his outstanding performance he ought to be given the prestigious award.

While many of you would be thinking why it it so, but social networking site 'Quora' has the answer for the same.

Many of the users have given their opinion about why Shah Rukh Khan hasn't get any National Award for some of his outstanding films.

Check this out:

Tanay Pratap(Quora User)

While Swades was an excellent movie and Shahrukh potrays Mohan Bhargav with much ease, he doesn't have a mother with political connections and head of censor board. Swades was released in 2004, and that year Sharmila Tagore was in power. No prize for guessing who got the best actor award that year for 'Hum Tum'.

Then Chak De India came in 2007. Though it was SRK's best performance till date it was not the best acting done in all Indian cinema that year. The award for that year went to Prakash Raj for his potrayal of a silk weaver in movie 'Kanchivaram'.

Rose G. Stone(Quora User)

I think the simplest answer is that the National Awards jury has not considered any of his performances to date award-worthy.

It could also be that, whenever he has had a great performance in a movie, the National Award overlooked him because there was, in their opinion, an even greater performance by another actor.

Everyone says Swades should have been the one, but in 2004 the National Awards went to Saif Ali Khan in Hum Tum

*Hum Tum follows the encounters of the two main characters until they, after several years and various meetings, become friends and finally fall in love at the end of the movie.

**Whether or not we agree, this is what happened.

In 2007, when SRK had Chak de India, the National Award went to Prakash Raj for the Tamil movie Kanchivaram.


Except Swadesh his performance has not been up-to that level that he should be given national award. His popularity is more about media management and PRs. National award is given for acting not for popularity and stardom.

Another good movie of him was Chak de, it was really a nice movie but I don't think it was worth winning national award as there was  another movie @1971 (2007 film) much much better but less known among us (as usual).

SRK might be the most popular star but not that much good actor. DDLJ was made 20 yr back and still he is know for that ...oh common guys in this period so many damn good Hollywood movie came and become super hit and he is stick to that 10-20 yr back movies. and certainly dont expect he will get national award at least in near future cos of the type of movie he doing

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