15 Style Statements of Deepika Padukone You Must Know

Deepika Padukone is no doubt one of the hottest, stylish and most successfull Bollywood actress with numerous blockbuster hit films at the Box Office.

But apart from that the style statements of Deepika too attract lots of attention whether she attend any event or show or whenever she promotes any of her films, she usually maintains a different look.

Here are the 15 Style statements of Deepika Padukone that you must know as we know many young girls follow Deepika's style in their day-today life.

1. Workwear basics: Sexy and comfortable

2. Daily shoes: White sneakers

3. Workout wear: “I do Pilates, so I prefer tight-fitted clothes.”

4. Nail paint: Wine

5. Hairstyle: “Depends on my mood. There are days when I love a fresh blow-dry, but sometimes I just go with bedhead.”

6. Make-up kit favourite: “A lipstick can change everything.”

7. Red carpet failsafes: Nudes, whites and golds

8. Red carpet formula: “Push outside your comfort zone a bit.”

9. Bad-hair-day rescue: Hairspray and a ponytail

10. Battling break-out: “I’ve never had that problem, but if you do, the best thing would be to stop picking at your skin and just let it breathe.”

11. Beach holiday wardrobe: Kaftans

12. First-impression essentials: Basic make-up. Don’t overdress, and style your hair.

13. Perfume: For Her by Narciso Rodriguez

14. Beauty discovery: BB creams

15. Trend of the season: Normcore
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