Best Movies of Mani Ratnam Till Date

Mani Ratnam is a genius in screenplay. Though his stories are already filmed, his screenplay makes him unique. He is capable of directing same kinda stories with different screenplays. For instance take thalapathy and Nayagan, both are gangster stories, but completely different screenplay.

He didn't shoot his movies outside India. Take any of his movies, it doesn't have a single foreign frame, famous for directing literature works in a way everyone likes. Mahabaratham in thalapathy, Ramayanam in Ravanan.

Apart from that he broken the rule of delivering pages and pages of dialogues to get applauses in cinema and made the audiences to understand the situation by artists reaction.

Mani Ratnam is talented enough to convert one liners from a legendary writer SUJATHA, into a full power packed movie, kannathil muthamittal and Anjali are one liners from the former’s pen.

#1. Uyire (Dil Se)

Even a Man who is capable of attacking 10 persons, don't have the guts of seeing a girl’s eye and proposing. SRK got that one in the movie.The very first movie which dealt with seven shades of love- attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, and death.

#2. Alaipayuthey

After reading the movie name, you people might here this in your mind ‘Sakiye... snegithiye, kadhallil kadhallil kadhallil niramoondu………’ This movie made boys to go,search and find out their better half to show his love, like Maddy does in the movie by searching entire kannur just to see Shalini. By taking this one as inspirational, Gautham Menon done the same thing in VTV, Vaaranam Ayiram.

#3. Roja

It's a romantic thriller, drama, which was initially made in Tamil, but later dubbed in several other languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and Malayalam. This hugely successful, critically acclaimed film has Rishi aka Arvind Swamy, who works for RAW, Indian Intelligence Agency, who gets married to Roja ( Madhoo ). A few days after their wedding, he is sent by the agency to Kashmir, where he gets abducted by the terrorists, who want to separate Kashmir from India. Roja fights against all odds to rescue him.

#4. Nayagan

The film inspired from the 1972 film Godfather, was included in the Time magazine’s list of “All-Time 100 Best Films”.

#5. Kannathil Muthamittal

The story revolves around a young adopted girl who searches for her biological mother in the war-ridden zones of Srilanka.

#6. Thalapathi

This list would remain incomplete without this movie. The movie is based on the epic “Mahabharata” and showcases the friendship between Karna(played by Rajinikanth) and Duryodhana(played by Mammootty).
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