Best Tamil Movies of All Time

Tamil film industry popularly known as Kollywood is one of the most prominent and well known film industry in India as well in the world and the Tamil filmmakers are known for the realistic scripts and almost every film has a different and unique story.

Many Tamil films are inclined towards day today activities of life that we live, so that might be the reason why every viewers get attached to after watching the films.

Here is the list of best Tamil films of all time and many people still love to these listed films now also.

Anbe Sivam - Sundar.C

Kamal Hasan uses a simple plot line of two  people with different characteristics traveling together and adds his  own personal magic touch to it. And the music by Vidyasagar and  dialogues truly stand out.

Thillu Mullu - Balachander. K

Is it necessary to do only serious movies to be considered a great  actor? This is a full length comedy with Thalaivar at his acting best. We included this movie in the list for introducing Rajnikanth, "the actor"  to us.

Kannathil Muthamittal - Mani Ratnam

An unsung gem  from a well known director. "Vidai Kodu Engal Naade" was haunting. For  that outstanding performance from Nandhitha Das (Endravadhu oru naal  indha desam amaidhiyai maarum, appo vaa) and portraying the plight of  Srilankan Tamils, this movie is exceptional.

Yudham Sei - Myskin

Myskin's fondness of the dark and his use of darkness as a primary plot  element are well known. I think he made this movie dark, literally as  well as figuratively. And Cheran had delivered a mature performance as  the police officer JK.

Vazhakku En 18/9 - Balaji Sakthivel

The director is known for making realistic movies and this one doesn't disappoint. A movie that doesn't have a star studded cast, this was one movie that showcased the difference between idealistic heroism and pragmatic heroism beautifully.  

Thalabathy - Mani Ratnam

Mani Ratnam uses the  full potential of Rajnikanth to suit the role of "Angry Young Man". The  climax with "Deva va yenda konna" is the epitome of the tale of  friendship that Mani Ratnam is trying to paint. This modern retelling of  Mahabharatha is a delight to watch.

Mudhalvan - Shankar S 

This movie may not truly stand out in terms of plot. It might be  classified as a commercial one, but I think this is the best work of  Shankar till date. The satire of Shankar (Kadaisila ennayum  arasiyalvaadhi aakitaangale) on Indian Politics makes the movie a worthy  watch. The movie was also carried by a brilliant performance from Raguvaran.

Onayum Aatukuttyum - Myskin

The story of a hitman  turning over a new leaf isn't exactly new to Tamil Cinema. But the way  Myskin had handled it was excellent. And the background score of  Ilayaraja told a story of its own.

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