Bollywood Celebs Who Got Trolled on Twitter but made an Epic Comeback

It happens many a times when Bollywood celebs get trolled on the micro blogging site Twitter but most of the time the tweeter users have faced the wrath of the celebrities.

Not even that, the media also get slammed by them, actually these celebs have never felt awkward to share their opinion but sometimes they are blamed for all wrong reasons.

Here is the list of Bollywood celebs who got trolled on Twitter but later they made an epic comeback, check this out.

#1. Karan Johar to Ram Gopal Varma 

Two Bollywood filmmakers Karan Johar and Ramu Verma aka Ram Gopal Verma got engaged in a Twitter war and Karan gave a fitting reply to Ramu and later RVG replied that it was just a compliment.

#2. Rishi Kapoor on Beef ban in Maharastra 

 When the Maharastra Govt put a ban on Beef, then the veteran Bollywood actor Actor Rishi Kapoor when stated that he is a beef eating Hindu, he started getting hostile comments from Hindu fundamentalists. Here is what Rishi replied through his tweet, check out below.

#3. Priyanka Chopra's reply against a comment made on her Lips

In one of the episodes of Koffee With Karan, Priyanka Chopra was made to read a mean tweet. The tweet read, "Priyanka Chopra's lips are visible from the moon." Here's how she took on her haters. "If just seeing my lips has this effect on you, I wonder what would happen if you were close enough." 

#4. Salman Khan on SRK and Aamir Khan 

 In a series of Tweets when Salman's fans started bad-mouthing about Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, Salman posted an epic reply wrote, "Sharukh n amir hate it oo. N for my fans don't let me dwn. Srk n amir khan r my friend toh buss. Bhad mein gaya No 1,2,3. Samjhe kya?"

#5. Sonam Kapoor to Shobhaa De and Twitteratis on her Cannes appearance 

 When Shobhaa De commented on Sonam Kapoor for having no sex appeal. The best-dressed celebrity in Bollywood tweeted , "Guys pls don't take Shobhaa De seriously. She's a fossil who's getting no action and going through menopause." She also called Shobhaa a "Porn Writer". After Cannes when she was trolled by Twitterati about what she wore to which she replied, " I felt like a princess just so you know!"

#6. Deepika Padukone's angry reply to Times Of India 

 When India's national daily weeted a picture of Deepika's cleavage with the caption, "OMG: Deepika Padukone's cleavage show", furious Deepika criticized the publication through Twitter.

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