Bollywood do these Things Wrong to Women

Bollywood is the sole driver of pop culture in India. It unites the entire country irrespective of their languages or their background. It has immense power to influence the minds of billions of people. So, it does have an important role in the life of Indians. However, Bollywood is notorious for it’s portrayal of women.

It has always been under the line of fire for its potrayal of women as objects of desire. But blaming only Bollywood is wrong; the wrong concept of womenhood is being passively served to us through advertisements, TV serials and other TV shows as well.

First of all we need to think that who makes these filthy films a hit. Its we, audience. Audiences are willing to pay and see such movies in movie theatres so directors and writers are making such films. If we all decide to abolish such films, then these films will not be even able to recover its cost.

#1. Item Numbers in Most Bollywood Films

They are human beings after all, not an item of objectification. If you pick up any movies now days, they’ll somehow have a completely insignificant dance number of a leading actress dancing in a room full of tipsy men. How can a woman allow such an objectification? Like, they are literally reduced to thighs and tummies through them.

#2. Bollywood also provide insane beauty standards for women

If you look at any leading actress of Bollywood, chances are that she is slim, fair and with long straight hair. But, majority of the Indian women aren’t like that.

#3. Bollywood also provides an unrealistic portrayal of women

Women are shown stripping and baring skin because they feel “empowered” to do so. However, the ground reality is completely different. Women are told to cover up and show least skin as possible. Women are shown partying, clubbing and drinking but in reality, all this is still very much a taboo.

#4. Bollywood also has a favorable view on eve teasing

If you want the girl, try stalking her. Follow her everywhere she goes. This stalking is a sign of how much they love you. Or, force her to kiss you and she might kiss you back. Really? How can you normalize something as traumatizing as eve teasing?

#5. Objectifying women through vulgar lyrics

Forget about their dress or dance, the vulgar and double meaning lyrics are really demeaning the women fraternity. It goes like this… The nonsensical lyrics like ‘Mai tandoori murgi hu, ghatka le alco… se' Really a woman synonym to tandoori?

#6. Shitty Dialogues

We don’t know where these gay princesses get their dialogues from; even actual gay guys are scared of the shitty dialogues bollywood plays off in general. And the shit tehy get our heroines to spew out with totally believable conviction is just something else huh.

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