Bollywood Movies Based on the Indian Caste System

In India, Casteism is a very common factor now a days also and despite of many attempts to put an end to this, nothing big has been done. It still prevails a lot in villages and in big cities also. 

In almost every sector the dilema of castism is eating up the Indian society and you can say its a curse. Started by Brahmins and running since ages, this has been a fact why intercast marraiges happens but with great difficulty.

Some Bollywood filmmakers have put a step forward to show the mirror image of our Indian society infront of all. Check out the list of Bollywood Movies Based on the Indian Caste System.

1. Aakrosh

Three friends from Delhi go missing in a small village – Jhanjhar. It's two months and there is no clue about their disappearance. The media and students movement demand action from the authorities. It's then that the government orders a Central Bureau of Investigation enquiry with officers Sidhant Chaturvedi (Akshaye Khanna) and Pratap Kumar (Ajay Devgn) to solve the case. 

2. Aarohan

"Aarohan" is the tale of a 75-year-old Soumitra Chatterjee, who firmly believes in the predictions made in his horoscope so much so that he insists on checking in at Mukti Bhawan to die. The reason for taking such a step seems as bizarre as the decision itself — his horoscope mentions that he might face a threat to his life when he reaches 75 and doesn't have any subsequent records of his life beyond that age!

3. Aarakshan

With Prakash Jha's past repertoire one may reserve the right to believe that his films are social, sensible, well-researched, hard-hitting and conveys a message. Watch Aarakshan and he proves you wrong, this time!

4. Achute Kanya

An "untouchable" girl and a Brahmin boy fall in love, but the strict caste system and the gossip of the villagers threaten to keep them apart.

5. Bombay Meri Jaan

Based on the serial blasts which rocked surburban Mumbai trains on July 11, 2006, the movie explores the impact of this devastating incident through the lives of a TV journalist (Soha Ali Khan), a patriotic corporate man (R Madhavan), a retiring policeman (Paresh Rawal), a rookie cop at the dawn of his career (Vijay Maurya), an angry Hindu fanatic (Kay Kay Menon), and a coffee-vendor struggling to make ends meet (Irrfan Khan).

6. Dharam Sankat

Based upon British film ‘The Infidel’, the film opens with Dharam Pal (Paresh Rawal) discovering a long-hidden truth about himself. It turns his beliefs, about himself and others, on their head. Suddenly, all is not what it has been. How will he deal with it? How will this truth impact his family and friends?

7. Dev

The film deals with 'formulaic' subjects like Hindu-Muslim friction, communal violence, preachy jingoism, and the police and the political system.

8. Diksha

Diksha is movie about Brahmins, casteism, politics, tradition, and changes according to time in tradition. Udup pandit (Manmohan Singh) is Acharya (highest position among Brahmins) of one village, who follows Brahminism deeply and vigorously. He has one daughter who is a widow.

9. Firaaq

In Firaaq, crisis takes an indiscriminating stand. It affects everyone. From a regular school kid missing out on his classes owing to an unpleasant season of communal riots, which took place in his city not more than a month ago to the little lost boy in search of his 'Abu,' having witnessed the mass slaughter of what he used to address as family once.

10. Fiza

A happy family is rent asunder by the Bombay riots of 1993. Inoffensive Amaan, hounded beyond endurance, takes up a knife, and kills. And runs. Six years later, sister Fiza, her studies complete, decides to go in search of her brother. And finds him, somewhere in Rajasthan, in the guise of a terrorist. She invokes filial love, and brings him back.

11. Garam Hawa

The film was controversial from its inception, as it was the first film to deal with the human consequences resulting from the 1947 partition of India. This action, ordered by British Lord Mountbatten, split India into religious coalitions, with India remaining Hindi and the new country of Pakistan serving as a refuge for Muslims.

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