Bollywood Movies that Have Greatest Piece of Screenwriting

As for a movie to be successful its quite necessary that keeping the pace of the film up with moderate level of drama and humor makes the screenplay of the film interesting.

Many of you are die hard fan of Bollywood and the reason to watch movies are the sequence and scenes that comes in a very proportionate manner.  

In addition to screenplay it must also contain  enough timing for transition that takes thoughts from one scene to next.

Check out the list of Bollywood movies that have the greatest piece of screenwriting.

#1. Jab We Met

Beauty of Imtiaz Ali’s writing lies here. In very first few scene, He let his audience know about ADITYA’s heartbreak. We see his girlfriend is getting married to someone. He feel cheated at the same time. But we as audience never knew the other reason behind his disappointment towards his life until Imtiaz Ali dropped a hint later. Other reason is buried in his father’s relationship with a woman other than his mother. Imtiaz Ali pointed out this when GEET asked ADITYA about his parents almost near to Interval.

So many instances like this crafted so conspicuously by Imtiaz Ali made it a must watch film. We are surprised when Imtiaz Ali made the screenplay of JAB WE MET public. Reason behind our astonishment was the montage he had written for the songs. Imtiaz Ali had written the emotions and sentiments in the screenplay whenever he feels the need of song. 

#2. PIKU

For effortless movement of the plot structure, and natural repartees which happens in a delightful love/ hate relationship of a father and daughter.


For The writer's interpretation of love story set in a small town, becomes populated with interesting characters and their dialogues and dialects.

#4. Dum Laga Ke Haisha

It has really strong structure, uses the element of humor and songs very beautifully. It does not try to say many things and tell nothing but keeps the audience's attention intact by telling a simple story beautifully. It has short and to the point scenes and beautifully written montages. Dialogs too are really simple and beautiful.

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