Bollywood Songs that Have the Most Ridiculous Lyrics

Bollywood has no shortage of “bad” songs, one of the main reason for this is the tradition of putting 4–5 songs in the movie no matter what, instead of focussing on “telling a good story” Indian moviemakers these days put more impetus on “designing an overall entertainment package”.

Though there have been instances of music based on addictive substances long ago too “Dum maro Dum”, “Thodi si jo pee li hai” but these were one off instances of HIGH songs. The current trend on the other hand seems to be where a film might not get released if there is no song promoting getting HIGH.

People demand foot tapping music for the party they really don’t care about the lyrics. Why can’t you put better lyrics with the same music? If you want you can take help for Super cassette industries and T-series they are experts in making religious songs from item numbers so that they can keep people awake the whole jagran night.

Here are some of the Bollywood songs that have the most Ridiculous Lyrics, check it out.

#1. Su Su Su aa gya mai kya karu

#2. Mere Baap ki beti mujhe bhai bolti

#3. Batata Vada !!?


#5. What is your style number/what is your mobile no/smile no?

#6. Ice cream Khaungi Kashmir Jaungi

#7. Caller Tune | Humshakals

#8. Main Toh Superman

#9. Selfie le le

#10. Aa Khushi Se Khudkhushi Karle

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