Facts that Compares Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan

Here in this case we want comparision between these two actors but in reality they both are called Bollywood khan’s and they don't want compression. Because they know that if they trying to compare eachother the third one will be able to get success.

There is a big big difference Between Aamir n Srk’s choice of scripts (movies). Most of the Srk’s movies are simply mindless, whereas Aamir only does Sensible cinema. And lets not compare Box office Records now, as we all know Mr. Perfectionist not only sets new BO record but he breaks it every time he sets it.

Some of the most perfect roles that the King Khan has brilliantly and that characters immortal character like kabir khan(CDI) , Mohan bhargav(swades) , rizwan khan( MNIK), Don , rahul mehra( DARR).

Here are some facts that differentiates Shah Rukh Khan with Aamir Khan, take a deep look at the comparision.

Aamir Khan:

1. Aamir always does​ his work very cleverly and smartly.

2. His acting is very technical,he basically acts with the help of techniques,he has developed the skill of acting with passing time.

3. Aamir's most interesting thing is that he only chooses those scripts which has a (or it can be converted into) very good balance of commerce and art. In that way he delivers a good film and at the same time he makes a lot of money.

Shah Rukh Khan:

1. Shahrukh is totally an artistic person, although he has a very good business mind but he only does things what his heart says.

2.His acting is totally artistic,instant.He does not have any methods or techniques of acting,he acts according to his heart,like whatever comes from inside.

3. He makes his choice of movies based on feelings. After reading a script if he feels like this is a movie he should be doing he will definitely do it,he wouldn't think that it doesn't suits his personality or it would be too clich├ęd for him,he just does what he likes as simple as that.

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