Facts Why Reality Star Kim Kardashian is so Famous

The famous and popular reality star Kim Kardashian was already more or less famous due to her environment. Her father, Robert Kardashian, was a famous lawyer and her step-father, Bruce Jenner, was also a famous athlete.

At this point, we should remark a crucial point: her mom's ability to be surrounded with famous people. We are not going to elaborate much about her mom other than saying she is already successful at attracting people. So, there should not be much surprise to see her daughter getting that skill.

Kim Kardashian developed the tricks and ways of being famous when she came in contact with Paris Hilton getting married at 19 to music producer Damon Thomas, getting divorced from him and immediately getting a boyfriend as famous as Ray J.  The sex-tape "leaking" was just an advanced act of wizardry  to attract even more attention. As you know, there is nothing like bad or good in advertising, it is simply advertising, and "scandals" are even more attractive to people.

As expected, the sex-tape "scandal" resulted in creating her reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" in 2007, again with the help  of her connections, and the rest is just history.

Take a look at some of the crucial facts and reality of Kim Kardashian and why is she so famous and she do have huge fan followers around the globe, its true that she has slept with half of Hollywood.

#1. Her amazing manipulation and strategic clinging on to of other celebrities such as Paris Hilton as she climbed to the top.

#2. Her Sex Tape with Ray J and later it was found that she indeed sold the sex tape with a whooping amount and it is known to very few people only.

#3. Society needs a distraction, she is the sex kitten Marilyn Monroe of the 21st Century.

#4. Her family connections, grew up with celebrities her father was one of the lawyers in the OJ simpson case. Birthdays with Michael Jackson at the neverland ranch.

#5. The growth and popularity of social media in the last few years combined with her use of it. Generally being scantily clad all the time.

#6. Her strategic marriage to Kanye West.

#7. "Publicly or generally known, as for a particular trait: a newspaper that is notorious for its sensationalism. Synonyms: notable, renowned, celebrated, prominent, conspicuous, widely known."

#8. Some folks in the game industry have met her before to make her mobile game. Everyone that met Kim always mentions how nice she was and how despite her social status, fame, and wealth, she did not look down on anyone and always made them feel important. Negotiations on making her game went smoothly as she only had a few points on how to present her brand, leaving the rest of the game design to the game designers. 

#9. She is presently married, is a mother, and has kept on being sexually preposterous. She posed naked in Paper 's 2014 winter issue. The Paper site got 15.9 million views in one day, contrasted against 25,000 views on a normal day. Her spouse, rapper Kanye West, posts exceptionally sexual photographs of her on Instagram. She distributed a book, " Selfish," loaded with selfies, for the most part in swimming outfits.

#10. She is happy to sell any kind of sex and desire vibe and and there is nothing wrong with it and she believes it. You have to be passionate to be anything and she is very passionate and also very talented in marketing. Besides she is also lucky to have great connections and women power in her family and also being American.

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