Hollywood Films that Destroyed Careers of These Actors

Well Hollywood, the largest Film industry in the world as some of the biggest blockbuster till date and the films are being made in a huge budget.

The actors and actresses are always in a hope that the films in which they are going to act will change their lives and make them a glittering star but sadly there are a couple of Hollywood movies that actually destroyed the career of some of the actors and actresses.

Some of these listed films were super flops while some did average at the Box Office and now we see that many of these celebs arn't even seen in any of the latest releases.

The reason is quite evident that the filmmakers are in no mood to take a risk after seeing their bad initial career. This not the mistake of the actors, but it is the fault of their films that hampered their career.

Check out the list of Hollywood films that destroyed the careers of these actors'.

Kevin Costner - Waterworld (1995)

Lets just say everything sunk involved in it’s own water world. He can blame no one but his luck for killing his movie career. Water world is considered as one of the notable flops in cinematic history. 

Halle Berry - Catwoman (2004) 

Her popularity dipped big time right after this flick failure.

Mike Myers - The Love Guru (2008) 

‘Austin Powers’ mojo didn’t work with this one and we never saw Mike again.

John Travolta - Battlefield Earth (2000) 

Produced by John himself, based on the Scientology, is rated among the worst films of all time.

Cuba Gooding Jr - Boat Trip (2002) 

Movie was a long gay joke, even made actor apologize publicly.

Shaquille O’Neal - Kazaam (1996) 

Everybody loves him, but his career didn’t pick up after Kazaam.

Mariah Carrey - Glitter (2001) 

People don’t even know if singer diva even made any movie, there wasn’t any glitter to it.

Eddie Murphy - Norbit (2007) 

Dr Dolittle extension, simply horrible.

Superman Returns

Brandon Routh is 6′ 4” tall and is a handsome bloke. You do not get cast in a Superman movie if you don’t have the looks. And you know what, the movie was not badly made, but it did not resonate with the audience. No one felt for the Clark Kent or Superman. No one identified with any of the characters and the movie bombed.

Star Wars

Bad, bad acting. Bad script. Bad direction. Bad dialogues. It did really well at the box office, though. Hayden Christensen did not get a significant role after the prequels. And to think he had Ewan McGregor backing him up. I really hope the new Star Wars movie is better.

Dragonball: Evolution

You do not mess with the childhood classics. We adored the DBZ cartoon when it aired on TV, and then you had to go and make this abomination? In what universe does James Chatwin even look like Goku? In my opinion, he totally deserved this one.

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