Hottest Bollywood Movies You Have Ever Seen

If we look at the Bollywood film industry, there are many films that are quite sensible and you can watch those films with whole family.

But there are a few movies that are extremely erotic and sensual that you can never dare to watch with parents even, but yes if you do have a girfriend or boyfriend you can.

But the youngsters are so prone to these kinds of films that they don't even think of a second that by any mean they want something new to watch and go to the cinema halls.

Here is the list of hottest Bollywood films that suffered huge protest in India and after a lot of struggle and lots of scenes are being chopped by the Censor Board before its release in Cinema Halls and multiplexes.

The moral ethics and the conservative society of India actually never allows these kinds of films to be watched and enjoy as these are against the values.

Kama Sutra

The movie was termed explicit, unethical and immoral for audiences. The movie was directed by Mira Nair that revolves around four lovers of 16th century in the context of Kama Sutra.


Movie directed by Anurag Kashyap, faced alot of cuts due to its grusome content related to Drugs, Sex And Smoke. After alot of editing producer couldn’t able to release due to financial problems.



The censor board said no to this movie because they thought the movie will provoke clashes between Hindu and Muslims and will pave the way to the thoughts of unnatural desires in youth.

The Painted House

The Malayalam film directed by brothers Santosh Babusenan and Satish Babusenan was also banned by the Censor Board. The film is based on the life of a writer, who gets entangled into complicated circumstances and his beliefs about himself are about to be tested. It was banned because there were a few scenes in the film where the female lead was shown in nud3. 

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