Hottest Female Superheroins from Marvel Comics

The famous and most watched Marvel Comics does have the hottest bombshells who can kick your ass like a hell and as per a leading daily these hot babes have been ranked with respect to their hotness.

There is something very hot about the superhero babes, they are usually very pretty and stunning, may be more than the Victoria's Secret models.

You would be surely thinking who is the drop dead gorgeous Marvel superheroine? But we will be making this task quite easy, check out this list below.

1 Rogue

2 Sue Storm

3 Emma Frost

4 Ms. Marvel

5 Psylocke

6 Black Widow

7 Black Cat

8 Storm

9 Elektra

10 Domino

11 Dagger

12 Scarlet Witch

13 She-Hulk

14 X-23

15 Jean Grey

16 Mystique

17 Kitty Pryde

18 Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

19 Wasp

20 Lady Sif

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