Least Known Facts about Beyonce You Don't Know

All you need to be a pop star is to be “good” at singing. Her backing singers (people who are solely professional singers without all the other bits) will almost certainly be better at singing than her. But they don't have all the other star qualities. So they're not Beyoncé.

If you are only interested in how good a singer is at singing, you should try listening to more jazz music. In jazz, the the actual musicians ability is the only real concern. You'll find much better singers in the jazz world than the pop world as a result.

Here are some facts about the diva that you must know, check it out.

1. Is descended from Acadian leader, Joseph Broussard

In 1765 Joseph, an Acadian activist led the first group of over 200 Acadians to Louisianna. He met a woman named Marie-Francoise Trahan. Their great-great-great-great grand daughter is Beyoncé.  He is a widely renown as a "Hero" and huge historical figure by the Acadian people.

2. Ran Miles Singing (Literally)

She confirmed that her father made her run miles singing to help build endurance for live performances. 

3. She "jumped of a ledge" to confront 50 Cent.

50 accused Beyoncé of trying to handle problems herself when she thought her then boyfriend and 50 Cent were beefing. 

4. Jennifer Lopez is a huge influence

In June 2015, Cosmopolitan magazine investigated Beyonces fashion influences, and found most to have Jlos influence behind them

5. She’s always promoting healthy relationship and her good values to her fans and the rest of the world

She claims, “I am about faith and spirituality more so than religion. Doing right by others and not judging. The thing that keeps me grounded is knowing that I’m always protected and that God is in control of things. Even the name of our group, Destiny’s Child, we got out of the Bible. . . For me it is about the way I carry myself and the way I treat other people. My relationship and how I feel about God and what he does for me is something deeply personal. It’s where I came from. I was brought up in a religious household and that’s very important to me.”

6. She has always been loyal to her family

As evident through family photos, her House of Dereon line with her mother, her sister Solange collaborating with her musically, her father managing the Destiny’s Child group, etc.

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