Lessons That Filmmakers Should Learn from Baahubali 2

Why someone like S. S. Rajamouli will put so much of effort in shooting some fictional king’s story at the time, when an entire nation is either watching crapy movies or insignificant occurrence of movies made out of real life incidents?

The answer has probably been encrypted in “Baahubali 2: The conclusion”. In one of the scenes, Bahubali tells one character Kumar “In our life we are filled with choices. Even the most dump person is given a chance to prove his worth. It is upto the person, whether he takes up challenge or discard the opportunity to become hero.”

Bahubali -1 earned closed to 650Cr, the second is expected to make close to 1600Cr. One good Hindi movie earns 50 crore, blockbuster fetches 100 crore, with profit margin of 20% i.e.10Crore, 20 crore respectively. So 2 movies produced closed to 1220/50 ~ 25 hit movies or 12 national block busters. Baabhubali crew spent 5 years in producing the result.

1.Baahubali -1 boasts of one year pre production work where in 15,000 story board sketches for the film were created which is highest for any Indian Film till 2015. 

2.The cinematography of the movie was done by KK Senthil Kumar for 380 days using Arri Alexa XT camera- One of the rare examples. 

3.For the first time in Indian movies, 4K movie print was rendered with an aspect ratio of 1:1.88 as compared to Cinemascope at 1:2.35 to get the best cinematic experience in screens that support the 4K projection claimed the Producer. 

4.Sabu Cyril, production designer for the film created 10,000 different kinds of weaponry ranging from swords, helmets and armors required for the soldiers. 

5.The fictional language Kilikili used as the language of the Kalakeyas - a ferocious warrior tribe, was created by Madhan Karky for the film. It is said to be the first fictitious language to be created for an Indian film character. 
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