Most iconic Hindi movie dialogues you have ever heard

Bollywood is the film industry in the world famous for dialogues in almost all its films and its quite obvious that for all Indian to watch films, good dialogues plays a vital role for the films to succeed and make good money.

Some of the best known movies have the most authentic dialogues that we still remember now and these are being delivered by some of the most versatile actors of the film industry.

Here is the list of most iconic Hindi movie dialogues you have ever heard, check it out.

1.“Babumoshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahin!” — Anand
(Life is supposed to be big, not long.)

2.“Sala Hindustan mein jab tak cinema hai, log chutiya bante rehenge.” — Gangs of Wasseypur
(As long as there are movies in India, you can always make fools out of people.)

3.“Koi baat nahi Senorita, bade bade deshon main aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai” — DDLJ
(No problem, senorita! Such small things keep happening in big countries!)

4.“Naam , Vijay Chauhan…
Vijay Dinanath Chauhan … Poora Naam!” — Agneepath
(My name is Vijay Chauhan
Vijay Dinanath Chauhan full name!)

5.“kitne aadmi the?" — Sholay
(How many men were there?)

6."Ek age ke bad parents khud se zinda nahi reh pate, unhe zinda rakhna padta he!" — Pikku
(After certain age parents cant survive themselves, we have to make them survive!)

7."Main ladies log ke saath shopping nahin karta hai, pata hai kyun? ... bhav tol bahut karte hai" --- Abhishek Bacchhan(Bluffmaster)
(I don't shop with the ladies, you know why? ... they bargain a lot)

8."jab log tumhare khilaf bolne lage samajh lo taraki kar rahe ho"  --Abhishek Bachhan(Guru)
(When people start talking against you ... then you are making progress)

9."Aap namak ka haq adaa kijiye, main mitti ka haq adaa karta hun"  --- The Legend of Bhagat Singh(Ajay Devgn)
(You go ahead and pay for what you owe to the salt provider (your employer), I would pay for what I owe to the land)

10."Haan, main sign karoonga, lekin pehle us aadmi ka sign le ke aao, jisne mera baap ko chor kaha tha; pehle us aadmi ka sign le ke aao jisne meri maa ko gali deke naukri se nikal diya tha; pehle us aadmi ka sign le ke aao jisne mere haath pe ye leekh diya tha "ki mera baap chor hai "... Uske baad, us ke baad, mere bhai, tu jo kahega us par main sign karoonga" --- Deewar(Amitabh Bachchan)
(Yes (pause). I will sign. (the tempo rises with each of the semicolons) But first find the signature of the man who christened my father a thief; get the signature of the that man who abused my mother and kicked her out of her job)

11."Hum jaha pe khade ho jaate hein , line wahin se shuru hoti hai." --- Deewar(Amitabh Bachchan)
(The line begins from the where I(we) stand)

12.Movie Dialogues from "Gangs of Wasseypur - 2"

Faijal: Picture chalein? Karan Arjun. Chal na Shahrukh Salman dono hain. 
(Shall we go to watch a movie? Let's watch Karan Arjun. It is starring both Shahrukh and Salman Khan.)

Mohasina: Haath Pakdoge tum? (Will you hold my hand during the movie?)

Faijal: Maa kasam nahi pakdunga. (I Swear on my mother I will not hold your hand.)

Mohasina: Godi mein popcorn girega, to dhoondoge nahi andhere mein? 
(If popcorn falls in my lap, will you feel around for it?)

Faijal: Maa kasam nahi dhoondenge. (Swear on mother, I won't)

Mohasina: Sat ke baithoge? (Will you sit very close to me?)

Faijal: Maa kasam nahi satunga. (Swear on mother, I won't.)

Mohasina: To apni amma ko saath le jao na, hamara kya jaroorat hai. (Then why do you need me to come with you? Take your mother to watch the movie.)

(In relationship, I'm your father ,name is Shahensha)

14."Ek Baar Jo Maine Commitment Kar Di To Phir Main Apne Aap Ki Bhi Nahi Sunta" Salman Khan , Wanted
(Once I have made a commitment then I don't even listen to myself)

15."Aata majhi satakli" Ajay Devgn, Singham
(I'm going crazy)

16."Are o Pushpa, I hate tears re" Rajesh Khana, Amar Prem
(Pushpa I hate tears)

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