Most Intelligent Celebrities of Indian Cinema

To sustain in the Indian Film industry, few things that plays a vital role are intelligence, looks, glamour and presence of mind as there are many actors and actresses who after a few films have disappeared from the silver screen.

But there are a couple of celebrities who not only sustained themselves for so many years, but also growing more and more day by day. That is only because they are intelligent enough to know their fault and rectified that and till now they are doing the same.

Here is the list of most intelligent celebrities of Indian Cinema, take a look below.

Fahadh Faasil (Malayalam actor)

He is intelligent, way too intelligent in “his film choices “ we would say. We may think acting skills alone are enough, but no thats not enough. To show acting capability great roles are needed and selecting those good roles is where an actor applies his intelligence . And that is “ intelligence” too- the ability to pick out great characters which fahadh has done all through his career.

Kamal Haasan

This person is like university of cinema. He does every thing possible in cinema, Writes Dialouges, Writes lyrics, writes story, Directs, choreographs songs and stunts, cinematography, Editor, art editor, Producer. One  complete package.

"Slangai Oli"(Saagarsangamam): He learnt 3 classical dances of India. In that movie he acted as a dance artist who is struggling inspite of knowing 3 different styles.

Siddharth Suryanarayan

We cannot deny the factor that he made an impact with his role despite being around Mr.Aamir Khan and Mr.R.Madhavan in Rang De Basanti, He worked with Prabhu Deva’s directorial debut which turned out to be a blockbuster in Tollywood.

A perfect portrayal of a carefree youngster in Ayutha ezhuthu. Mr.Mani Ratnam will undoubtedly get the best from everyone who works for his moive. But again, he was still had to gather attention of viewers when Mr.Suriya and Mr.Madhavan is around.

Shah Rukh Khan

The media is completely bold and unapologetic when  it comes to grilling celebrities with bizarre questions. However, there  is one celebrity who definitely knows how to settle the score with these  journalists. Whether it's a press conference, movie-trailer launch or a  friendly-candid chat show, if Shahrukh makes an appearance, there has  to be humor. And a lot of it! Because Shahrukh Khan's spontaneity just  keeps winning our hearts, every single time.

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