Most Overrated Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood is the largest film industry in the world. There are many actors in the film industry who are term as overrated due to their wooden expression and bad jokes. You can say only due to their looks and beauty, people  go and watch their films.

But altogether without real talent to act on-screen, we can only say that these actors and actresses are simply overrated.

Adam Sandler

A lot of his movies are just him being unfunny coupled by many annoying slap-sticks and fart jokes. The man did have his moments, but it was a really, really long time ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

For us, it is really hard to say this since we think his good movies are real quality productions (e.g. Terminator 2, Total Recall, Predator, and even the really fun and kickass albeit somewhat dumb Commando), but truthfully Arnold is pretty much a one-trick pony - his acting style consists of him delivering memorable one-liners with a rather monotonous but iconic tone coupled by his distinctive accent, which is why his roles have been limited to mainly action and comedy films.

Kristen Stewart

We are not judging her because of her presence in what to us was arguably one of the worst film franchises of all-time (i.e. the Twilight saga), but truthfully she only has one typical expression regardless of what emotion she is trying to portray.

Megan Fox

She has great looks, but her acting in nearly all the films we have seen of her is extremely wooden, and as an actress she totally lacks personality except for being an eye-candy or a sex object on screen.

Steven Seagal

Without his martial arts stuff, he pretty much has no business being in films because he cannot act at all.

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