Most Overrated Indian Writers and Novelists

Years back no one knew that India could produce some of the best known writers and novelists. Before these listed novelists, very few people knew the writers and novelists in the country itself.

But yes these celebrities are no doubt overrated and the reason might be some of them are best sellers and even some leading newspapers have given a space in their column.

Check out the list of overrated Indian writers and novelists that you might not know and its the time to know something more about them. Check out below.

Durjoy Datta

He’s a writer, India’s bestselling romance writer! He had Written some ten odd books. His books always find place in top ten in Bestseller list. I mean yeah! he writes and three quarters of his every book is always about having sex, boozing, and remaining quarter…sometimes, little story.

Half of the craze he got is because of his good looks and sarcasm. He simply writes for masses! And he’s the one who laid path for many young Indians to become successful ‘Romance’ writers.

Nikita Singh

She is an Indian novelist born on 6 October 1991 in Patna, Bihar, India. Her most famous novels are If It's Not Forever , Love@Facebook , Right Here Right Now , Accidentally in Love… With Him? Again? and The Unreasonable Fellows 

Ravinder Singh

His first book is based on a real-life incident of his meeting a girl and his love life. the book is an instant bestseller and gave him the confidence that he too can be a writer. So Mr. Singh went on and wrote a sequel to his first book and then wrote a book named “like it happened yesterday” putting together all his life events.

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat's novels are the Indian version of Twilight. Mindless. Page-turner, at the end you ask why you even read it in the first place. Invokes sex unnecessarily to sell it with youngsters. Successfully. Essentially he is the embodiment of everything that's hopeless about the nation- love for masala, disdain for debates. He takes advantage of that, propagates it. 

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