Most Ridiculous Tantrums Thrown by Bollywood Actors

Controversies between Bollywood actors and actresses and even between two actors and actresses still prevails in the film industry but very few people knows about some of the least known facts about yesteryear actors and actresses.

We have collected some of the unknown facts about late veteran actor Raaj Kumar, Zeenat Aman Nana Patekar to the names in few. It is quite interesting to know the fact that these actors did also had a fight off-screen and never failed to throw tantrums also.

Check this out below, if something is left you can also left your valuable suggestions on the comment box.

1. Zeenat Aman 

She was a big name in film industry at that time after success of ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ song. Once she met Raaj Kumar in a party and thought that he would appreciate her success. To this Raaj Kumar said, Dikhti achhi ho, filmo me try kyu nahi karti.(You look good, why don’t you try in films). When reminded of his faux pas, he had laughed it off in his cool, offhanded manner and said, “She should have taken it as a compliment, I wasn’t being rude.”

2. Raaj Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan

He declined offer of movie ‘Zanjeer’. He stated two reasons. First, I don’t like director’s face. Second, director’s hairs are stinking hard that he can’t stand a minute with him.

3. Nana Patekar and Raaj Kumar

When Nana Patekar and Raaj Kumar were signed for movie ‘Tiranga’, director Mehul Kumar was advised to not sign two hot headed actors in a movie otherwise pata nahin “tiranga lehrayega bhi ki nahin (Don’t know if the tri-colour will ever fly),” Mehul, assured Nana that not a single word in the bound script would be changed. Nana warned him that if there would be any interference, he’d walk out and never return. When Mehul repeated his words, Raaj saab laughed, “Have I ever interfered?” in a sarcastic way.

4. Raaj Kumar met Mr. Amitabh Bachchan at a party

Raaj Kumar appreciated the suit which Amitabh was wearing and asked for the tailor’s address. Amitabh wrote down address of tailor on a paper and handed it to Raaj Kumar. To this, Raaj Kumar said: Actually mujhe kuch parde silwane the (I needed some curtains for my home) i.e. why I asked for tailor’s address.

5. Raaj Kumar and Govinda were shooting for movie “JungBaaz”

Govinda was wearing a nice shirt. Raaj Kumar appreciated his shirt. Govinda offered him the shirt and thought that legend is going to wear his shirt. Raaj Kumar accepted it. After two days, on the sets of movie ‘JungBaaz’ Raaj Kumar was seen with a hankey made up from Govinda’s shirt.

6. Raaj Kumar and Dilip Kumar shared screen space in the movie ‘Saudagar’ after 30 years

However, it is well known that during the shooting of the film they never talked to each other except for their shots in the movie.
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