Most Underrated Bengali Films You Must Know

Since the time of British Rule in India, the Bengalis have been one of the most educated and they have so much inclination towards arts, specially theatre.

As all knows most of the most prominent and promising singers, directors and filmmakers are from Bengal, so its quite evident that much earlier they had started filmmaking and later they utilised their potential in other parts of India.

This list is all about some of the most underrated Bengali films that you must know, check it out below.

Paras-Pathar (1958)

It hardly ever finds a mention in discussions on Ray’s filmography; possibly because the West could never relate to the sheer Bengali-ness of the implicit humour, which was lost in translation.

Based on a story by the brilliant Rajshekhar Basu (better known by his pseudonym, Parashuram), the film, starring an almost forgotten - but inarguably one of the best character actors that have graced the Bengali movie screen - Tulsi Chakraborty, Paras-Pathar is a searing satire of the Bengali household’s apparent insatiable greed for gold.

Nayak: The Hero (1966)

“Uttam”, as he was known - and is still fondly remembered - acted in over 170 films; most of which were humongous hits at the box office. 

Thana Theke Aschi (1965)

An unofficial remake of the fantastic An Inspector Calls (1954), starring the one and only Alastair Sim, in Thana Theke Aschi, the romantic hero to end all romantic heroes had no love interest. Instead, he plays a sub-inspector, who appears at a residence, enquiring about the suicide of a girl.

Jhinder Bandi (1961)

Thanks to the international recognition he received via Satyajit Ray’s films, especially that trilogy, to many, Soumitra is Apu. But there is so much more this versatile actor has on offer on screen that I find it a tad unfair to have his filmography distilled to mere two films.

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