Quick stretches that Everybody should Do Every Morning

It has been observed that who do stretching exercises daily early in the morn or in the evening never face any major trouble in muscles and joints as the body always feels relaxed.

In its most basic form, stretching is a natural and instinctive activity; it is performed by humans and many other animals. It can be accompanied by yawning. Stretching often occurs instinctively after waking from sleep, after long periods of inactivity, or after exiting confined spaces and areas.

Increasing flexibility through stretching is one of the basic tenets of physical fitness. It is common for athletes to stretch before and after exercise in an attempt to reduce risk of injury and increase performance, though these practices are not always based on scientific evidence of effectiveness.

Here are some quick stretches that everybody should do everyday early in the morn or they can do in the evening also.

#1. Head roll

This releases tension from shoulders and alleviates the pain. And also, it stretches the muscles near the jaw.

#2. Shoulder roll

Move the up and down and back and forth. This exercise also remove stress and tension in the joints and improves the blood circulation.

#3. Knee roll

This exercise can be done in two ways:

a) Sleep down put your knees up and legs down as shown in the image. And swing them left and right.

b) The second way is stand erect then bend slightly downward and roll the knees in circular motion.

This movement will help in developing flexibility around the knee and build up the muscles.

#4. Arm swing

Firstly, start with right hand rotate in 360 degree angle. Then go for the left hand and do the same. This exercise will help you to throw away negative energy and relaxes the muscles, body.

#6. Hip swing

Stand erect and just rotate the hip. This exercise develops flexibility and strengthen buttocks, lower back, legs and tummy muscles.

#7. Swimmer exercise

It boosts your mood and as well strengthen muscles.

#8. Leg stretch

For this exercise the position do not necessarily matter. Stretch your leg as much as you can and that’s enough.

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