Real Reason why Many People Hate Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is a talented, hardworking, ambitious actress. She wanted the Best Supporting Actress Oscar very much, and due to campaigning and a strong performance, was all but a lock for the award.

Some people resented the openness with which she campaigned, finding it distasteful and inappropriate. We think that disapproval was amplified because she is a woman, and that is regrettable.

1.Hathaway also came across as very fake during the award cycle. She acted like she wasn't campaigning hard, probably to curry favor with people who do not like seeing woman be competitive. Further, when she won awards, she acted like she was incredibly surprised. Those behaviors rang false to people who had been watching her work hard to win said awards. This is not a gendered issue -- anti-phonies would also have balked had Daniel Day-Lewis behaved as if he couldn't have fathomed winning the Best Actor Oscar for Lincoln. 

2.Natalie Portman did not receive a backlash to the extent Hathaway has during her awards cycle because only the first of these two sources of hate applied to her. She is openly ambitious and intense. In this way, she avoided the ire of people who hate phonies, or people who dislike when women are competitive, but would only voice disapproval when there's a way to cloak the criticism in something gender-neutral.

3.She tries too hard to be likeable & cute yet can't live up to it when she speaks. Like starting her Oscars acceptance speech with "it came true," which was not actually cute. And her ending quip about Fontine -- which sounded about as genuine as a pageant contestant wishing for world peace.

4.She's an example of god giving with both hands and therefore violates our innate expectation of a fair universe: something must be wrong with that stuck-up bitch!

5.The vast majority of people with strong opinions against Hathaway have never seen her in real life for even a second, have never spoken to her at all, and their entire experience in assessing her and hating her is based on professional public appearances where she made prepared remarks for a short period of time.

6.The reason "so many" people hate Anne Hathaway is that, in reality, most of those people probably DON'T "hate" her. They just slowly became more aware of the online narrative about how disliked she is, exposing them to the "she's fake and stuck up" accusations, and like anything else that becomes a well-known talking point popularized in certain online communities, people jumped aboard.

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