Some Strange Or Interesting Facts about Women

Women, the most beautiful creation of Almighty God. Every women is unique in her own sense. If a woman is strong that doesn't mean she can be treated like a man. Men have to treat the strong women in the same way they treat shy and vulnerable women. Being strong doesn't mean she's not sensitive.

Even strong women get hurt easily but they don't show it often. For example if your girl friend/ wife is brave enough to travel alone at any time of the day doesn't mean you need not accompany her when you have time.

“Women observe subconsciously a thousand little details, without knowing that they are doing so. Their subconscious mind adds these little things together—and they call the result intuition.” 

Here is the list of some of the most amazing, strange and also interesting facts about Women that many of you might not know.

1.Women heart beats faster than Men.

2.The First Computer Programmer was Women. Her name was ADA LOVELACE.

3.Women spend over 4 years of their lives Menstruation.

4.A women prefers that her Men reads her desires in her eyes..This is why communication between the two genders often gets Complicated.

5.Womens have more taste buds than Mens.

6.Some Women can have genetic mutation which causes them to see millions of more colours.

7.Taller Womens are more likely to get Cancer.

8.Many Women don't like their hands are Free. You can always find them carrying Purse, Mobile , Books and something else.

9.After making love Women don't like sleeping, they like hugs and kisses.

10.Our cell has mitochondria present inside, which is used to provide power to our cell. You know what?? We receive mitochondria from our Mother not from Father. So it the women who is power house of world.

11.The most children born to one woman is 69.

12.Women blink 19 times per minute, compared to 11 for men.

13.Women in Niger have an average of higher children, the world’s highest rate.

14.Despite popular belief, studies show men are not more flatulent than women.

15.A research found, women experience significantly more nightmares than men and have more emotional dreams.

16.Heart disease is the no. 1 killer of women.

17.According to a study, taller women are more likely to get cancer.

18.Women spend over four years(in total) of their life menstruating.

19.Instead of chest pains, heart attacks in women have nausea, indigestion and shoulder aches.

20.The youngest girl to ever be divorced was 10 years old.

21.Men lie 6 times a day, twice as often as women.

22.Women cry on average between 30 and 64 times a year, while men cry between 6 and 17 times.

23.Women spend nearly 1 year of their lives deciding what to wear.

24.In Russia, there are 9 million more women than men.

25.Every 90 seconds, one woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth.

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