Symptoms When a Girl Wants to Come In a Physical Relationship

Its a general human tendency that whenever body wants to have physical relationship with someone, it may be girlfriend or wife, certain symptoms plays a vital factor.

As per the scripts written in some ancient books, sexual power of women is nearly 8 times stronger than men and whenever they are ready for physical intimacy, they are far more crazy than men and its a fact.

Now talking about certain facts about women that you must know when a girls body is turned on and needs sex, here are some of the least known facts that you must know.

These are the symptoms that happens when a girls body is turned on and needs sex:-

1.Blood flow increases around her genitals, which causes fluid to pass through them. This is the main source of lubrication, which makes the vagina wet.

2.Just like boy’s penis, the clitoris of women is full of nerve endings and can feel good when touched.

3.Round tunnel is constructed in circular muscles inside vagina which are usually closed up, making it easier to allow a boy’s penis to fit inside.

4.The clitoral hood at the top of the lips pulls back, as the clitoris grows engorged with blood.

5.Inside the vagina are the bartholin glands which produce vaginal fluid making the inside extra wet – they produce more fluid as a girl gets more turned on. It then acts as a lubricant which makes everything slip and slide in and out of the vagina more easily.

6.The eyes will blink more rapidly, this does not mean sexy winks. Glands on the inner edge of eyelids secrete oil, which keeps your eye moist and it’s a way to produce more tears. That way, your vision is clear, and you don't miss a single sexy thing
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