The most famous Rajnikanth dialogues

Rajinikanth is no doubt one of the best actor in Indian Cinema, the Tamil megastar has also done a number of Bollywood films and the way he delivers his dialogues always creates history.

In the South India especially Tamil Nadu, he is praised as God and during the premier of the film 'Enthiran' his posters were bathed with Milk. From this you can very well guess the craze of him in the entire South India.

Here is the list of the most famous dialogues delivered by Rajinikanth in his films, check this out.

#1. Moondru Mugam

Ekambaram: Indha Ekambaram pera sonna , vayithula irukura kozhandhai kooda vaaya moodum.
(Ekambaram : If you say Ekambaram's name, even an unborn child will shut its mouth.)

Alex Pandian: Adhe kozhandhai kitta Alex Pandiyan-nu solli parunga -  innoru kaiyale avanga amma vaayayum moodum!
(Alex Pandian : Go to the same child and tell Alex Pandian's name - it will shut even its mother's mouth with the other hand.)

#2. Basha

Eee baasha okka saari chepthe, vanda saarlu cheppinatte.
(If this Basha says something once, consider it said a 100 times. )

Kettavangaluku Aandavan Neraya Kodupan, Aana Kai Vittuduvan. Nallavangala Aandavan Sodhipan, Aana kai vidamatan. 
(God gives a lot of things to bad people, but he will let them fail eventually. God tests good people a lot, but He will never let them down)

#3. Narasimha

Naa daari, rahadaari. 
(My way, is the highway.)

Athiga aasa pade magadu, athiga aavesa pade aadadi sukhapadinattu charithra lo ledu. 
(History is witness that neither an over-reaching man nor an over-eager woman have ever succeeded.)

#4. Arunachalam

Devudu saesisthadu, Arunachalam paatisthadu. 
(God decrees, Arunachalam disposes.)

#5. Sivaji

Naanna... pandulu gumpuga vasthayi, simham single ga vastundi. 
(Pigs come in a herd, but a lion walks in solo.)

#6. Annamalai

Naan solrathaiyum seiyven.. sollathathium seiyven...
(I'll do what I say, and also what I don't say)

#7. Muthu

Naan eppa varuven, eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyadhu, aana varavendiya neratthil correct aga varuven
(Nobody knows when I would come, how I would come, but I would be there at the right time)

#8. Andha Kaanoon 

Ek maut tere gunaahon ke sazaa ke liye kaafi nahi
(One death is not enough as a punishment of your crimes.)

Kanoon itna maila hai ki usse apne haath mein lekar main apna haath ganda karna chahta bhi nahi
(The law is so dirty that I don't want to dirty my hands by taking it in my hands.)

#9. Aatank hi Aatank 

Revolver se zyada khatarnak cheez agar koi hai toh woh hai tumhari aankhen
(If there is anything more dangerous than a revolver, then it's your eyes.)

#10. Phool Banay Angaaray

Main shaq ki buniyad par case ka panna kholta hoon aur usse yakeen mein badalkar kitaab bandh kar deta hoon
(I open a page of the case on the basis of suspicion and I convert that into certainty and then I close the book.)

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