These are the Most Overrated Celebrities in Bollywood

In one hand there are so many actors in Bollywood film industry who have proved themselves through their amazing work in their respective films while there are a few actors who can't even act properly but they have a huge fan following on the social media due to which people forcefully watch their films.

There is no doubt that good looks plays a vital role to stick to work and garner huge public attention and that works mostly for the below listed actors.

You might be wondering what we are going to talk about, actually we have the list of those Bollywood celebrities who are overrated in the film industry, so check this out.

#1. Shraddha Kapoor

She has acted in many movies and literally every movie of her except Aashiqui 2 was not worth watching. No doubt she is pretty,gorgeous,sexy and all that shit but when it comes to acting, She can’t do it. It is the harsh reality.

#2. Katrina Kaif

She does but what is annoying about her is her acting and her nature. She cannot act, So many Indians follow her just because she looks pretty.

#3. Himesh Reshammiya

He produced so many good songs despite of so much criticism but don’t know what struck his mind and he went to try his luck in the acting. What’s worse is, He is still trying to act despite of so many flops.

#4. Saif Ali Khan

We know so many girls do like him, Don’t mind but girls please control your desires for once and tell me one movie of his that is worth watching.

#5. Rakhi Sawant

She cannot act, She talks shit, She is dumb, She cannot dance then why she is still in the industry?

#6. Sonakshi Sinha

We know she has a good fan following but Her acting is pathetic and Her dialogue delivery is gross. She has some hit movies under her belt but they were hit because of some more overrated actors.

#7. Poonam Pandey

You don’t need a trashy lingerie and cheap popularity to succeed in Bollywood and that is what she has been doing for quite long.

#8. Archana Puran Singh

She was a good comedian until she decided to become a judge on the Comedy Cirucs. Now A days, All she does is Laugh. Her annoying laughter has been giving us nightmares for so long but there is a positive side of her, She can ignore the jokes cracked on her with her Laughter and that is a good thing.

#9. Kapil Sharma

If you watch any of his episodes, you will find the same jokes on wives, Servant and insulting audience with a smile on his face etc. He will flirt with all heroines. All episodes looks almost the same.

#10. Yo Yo Honey Singh

Chill, all you Honey Singh fans out there! The rapper would have been just fine had he worked a little on his voice, lyrics, attitude, and yes... his bizarre fashion sense of course!

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