Things that Bollywood Doing Harms the Indian Society

Let us make it quite clear that Bollywood is a business industry and the actors and the actresses are employees of this industry. Whatever they do , they do it for money, got fame and for publicity . We all love people like Amitabh Bacchan , Salman Khan etc etc.

But there are certain things that Bollywood has been doing in almost all it films and that is becoming a big headache for Indian society.

Bollywood celebrities would gyrate to songs about "never getting their body," yet every time we visit our parents and family at home, we would take extra care to dress modestly.

A very common scene in Bollywood Movies where the hero constantly stalks and follows a girl and then suddenly proposes her,the girl denies but he keep on doing the same and one day the girl finally gets ready to fall in love with her.

1 . Glamourisation of negative businesses

Playing a negative shade is not an easy task for an actor/actress. We find so many villians/vamps acting, much better than the one playing the good guy. However, it is not easy for everyone to understand that it is just a character which the actor is playing. Getting influenced by the character and acting accordingly is not a wise decision. For instance: In the movie Tere Naam, the character of Radhe was way too much glamourised as the bad boy.

2 . Promoting superstitions

We feel in Bollywood in almost every horror movie depicts one or the other superstition in a way that it looks like reality. Apart from that several other movies related to family drama or spirituality includes scenes promoting superstitions. Though, not everyone believes them but there are people who start believing them. And these movies end up spreading such baseless ideas.

3. Unrealistic portrayal of sucees

There are several movies which depict how easy earning truck loads of money is. No doubt that there are realistic movies as well. Still, the story from rags to riches looks so easy and requiring less efforts. I agree that movies need not be realistic all the time but escapism from the monotony always is not justified either. The hero takes unethical shortcuts and becomes the alpha. 

4.The dressing concept

Just by watching Bollywood movies many girls use to force their father to buy them costly dresses worn by the popular actresses. This is really a very bad idea.

5.The Stupid fans associations

Students are running behind Bollywood actors,calling themselves fans and are spoiling their studies by spending hours on social media websites for movie promotions.

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