This Is How Angelina Jolie Become a Giant Star

Below are the points to be noted and know how the Hollywood most wanted beauty Angelina Jolie become a star, moreover she has been perceived as franchise-making star along with Johnny Depp and Will Smith.

She saw people getting attention for charity work and decided to fill every possible opportunity to do it and report it. She reports everything, even her almost husband's birthday had a family photo that went out to everyone. She's mastered the art of mindshare and can do it whenever she wants.  Overall, I think the charity stuff is a good thing either way.

Women don't feel threatened by her because she's impossibly beautiful, there are no women like her in their local Safeway competing with them. Men can truly fantasize about her in an escapist way.

#1. Angelina Jolie is a giant star because she consistently makes movies that deliver giant box offices grosses and she can open a movie with a huge first weekend; the audience is so excited to see her that they will see the movie on the first weekend without knowing what the informed word-of-mouth is.

#2. Over the past five years, she has made 3 blockbuster action films: Salt: total worldwide gross: $220MM; opening weekend (US): $36MM, Wanted: worldwide: $340MM; opening weekend: $51MM, Mr. & Mrs. Smith: worldwide: $478MM; opening weekend: $50MM.

#3. As an actor, she is an incredible ass-kicking action star. One of the best ever. I think it's hard for people to see this because she's a woman. She is clearly a more compelling action star than many of the biggest actors of the last 20 years -- Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, etc. The idea that she is wooden or implausible as an action hero is ridiculous.

#4. After that, she began cementing her reputation as an action star in movies like Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001).  It's unclear to me how or why she went from heavy-handed drama to blockbuster action, but I'm guessing it was mostly a function of looks and career ambition: regardless of her acting chops, she has the hots to attract an audience on sex appeal alone, and when you look that good, taking dumbed-down roles in big movies is the fastest way to propel your career into becoming a household name.

#5. She has a pedigree of sorts. Her father is an Academy Award winning actor. Her mother was a batshit crazy French model. Angelina inherited her mother's mental problems. She is bipolar. Even her father has said publically that she needed help.

#6. Being born to Hollywood parents, she then had all the right contacts growing up to enable her to become a Hollywood star. Her godparents were both actors, for example.

#7. She grew up in and around LA which meant she was literally in touching distance of Hollywood and the film industry.

#8. She is reliable and well-behaved, uncontroversial and the public image that she has worked hard on is someone who is kind and caring to those less fortunate than her.

#9. Her track record, to date,shows that she is a good investment with little/no risk. This means film makers feel increasingly comfortable with placing her in big-money movies. Being in big-money movies makes you a megastar.

#10. Angelina Joli got her 1st film role thanks to her dad vouching for her- without her knowing- using his industry connections. Since that, she was offered a steady stream of progressively visible roles; with her fame reaching a new level when she was dating Billy Bob Thornton - with all the rumours surrounding their relationship making headlines.
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