Tips to Reduce Belly Fat at Home without any Equipments

Reducing belly fat is a very difficult task for many fat belly also many side effects on the body. Many get lazy after walking a couple of steps while some gets exhausted.

It sometimes become a matter of headache and many also do not want to hit gym and want to reduce belly fat in a natural way. Apart from proper diet, it is very necessary to do some physical exercise to burn the excessive fat.

Here are some tips to reduce belly fat that you can do at home itself without any equipments also.

These Exercises will surely help You a lot, try these at Home itself:

#1. PLANK (3-4 sets of 30-60 sec)

The plank is best exercise for your entire core.Plank helps you to build strength in your core, upper and lower body so its a good full body work out

#2. BICYCLE CRUNCH (3-4 sets of 30 reps)

This exercise is very effective in building a strong core. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head, and your legs raised and bent at 90 degrees.Fully extend one leg at a time and think about bringing your shoulder, OR elbow, up to touch your opposite knee. Try and hold the crunch for a two-count on each side .

#3. SIDE PLANK (3-4 sets of 40-60 second holds)

Side plank can target each side of your body. This move target more than your abs—your abductors, adductors, quads, hamstrings, glutes, upper body, and lower back all get a workout.

#4. REVERSE CRUNCH (2-3 sets of 12-20 reps)

Reverse Crunches or Lower Body Crunches, work those hard to reach lower abs. The key here is that you bring your legs off the ground . The opposite movement of a Sit-up is a Reverse Crunch. It doesn’t cause the same problems. Better it can fix your posture. This exercise should activate 140 percent more of your abs than a regular crunch.


The hanging leg raise is a center fortifying activity that objectives the whole stomach area with an accentuation on the lower abs and hip flexors. This activity additionally enhances soundness in the lower back.

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