Top 10 Best Movies of Megastar Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is the biggest name in Indian Cinema and he is also popularly known as the angry young man. During his times when he was a young actor, the craze of watching his films was high enough that anyone can ever imagine.

Even the Tamil megastar Rajinikanth admires him a lot and acknowledge him as his ender brother both on screen and off screen. Mr. Bachchan has delivered numerous blockbuster films in his entire career and many of his films, people wish to watch now also.

His dialogue delivery also plays a vital role in almost all his films as they are robust in character and we love to hear too. Although most of his films are superhit but for your ease we have categorised the listed films in the form of top 10 list.

Check out the top 10 best Bollywood movies of megastar Amitabh Bachchan below.

#1. Deewar

Deewar is traditionally the textbook mirror of 70s India, mixed with darker tones, a non fancy antihero, and a clash of polar ideologies. Directed by the genius Yash Chopra, it is one of the best Hindi movies ever.

#2. Sharaabi

Sharaabi has all average cliches of a rich child without mother, the classical father son turbulence, the dancer/bargirl girlfriend and everything you expect from a typical early 80s Bollywood, but what strikes gold is Bachchan's mesmerising turn as the spoilt alcoholic with a heart of gold and a show after which nobody else could be expected to shine in such role.

#3. Black

The best Bhansali movie till date. And he achieved this not because of the sheer humongousness of all those Nitin Desai sets he usually delves into , but a better extension of his own 1996 honest attempt, Khamoshi.

#4. Paa

When it comes to limits an actor can transcend , Bachchan proved that he wasn't just an actor progressing in his comfort zone for years. Leave the performance for the critics, the way he transformed himself into a teenager suffering from progeria is a lesson in hard-work itself.

#5. Agneepath

Mukul S Anand's 1990 attempt at a stylish gangsta flick, no doubt borrows elements from Brian de Palma's classic Scarface, but the national award winning performance that is yet confusing of sorts and mystically ferocious and charming at the same time.

#6. Muqaddar Ka Sikandar

A textbook Prakash Mehra premise with a flawed protagonist, a noble second lead and lead actress, and the traditional kothe-waali second heroine, and a twist of a sympathetic villain, what drives this movie that tries too many things at a time, home, is again Bachchan's easy as they come performance, which is equally devoted to action, drama and comedy.

#7. Khaakee

If we didn't have Bachchan as the eccentric , on the edge , upright and almost patriarchal lead officer. Many of you would still remember what happened to an almost similar movie ‘Aan’ that released at the same time. His showdowns with Devgn and Akshay are lessons in acting.

#8. Sarkaar

Doing his job mostly with his eyes , this definitely stands out among the best performances ever. One can forgive all that plagiarism and deafening Govinda Govinda score, we had our own original Vito Corleone.

#9. Trishul

Another great Yash Chopra movie with all his histrionics, the flick stands out solely due to Bachchan's out-of-the-furnace act. The way he dispatches bad guys cooly, confronts his other co-actors and utters dialogues that are heavenly.

#10. Aankhein

Vipul Shah's 2002 cult hit works for me because of the maniacally delicious antagonistic turn of Bachchan senior, without him this film was nothing but a big question ‘Teen andhe bank kaise loot sakte hain ?’
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