Top 12 Hottest Bollywood Movies You Can't Watch With Parents

It has been observed many times that Bollywood movies have never ceased to create anxiety and excitement among the audience with some of the amazing contents worlwide.

Even also many Hollywood films also borrowed same scripts from some of the hit films of Bollywood. But we are talking about those Bollywood movies that are so much bold and hot that the Censor Board either didn't pass or chopped many hot scenes before its release in India.

As we all know the orthodox and conservative society of India always do hue and cry whenever any film with bold scene is released, but its the youth who are always ready to see something new, so they are always ready to empty their pockets to watch those films in the multiplexes and Cinema Halls.

Here is the list of top 15 hottest Bollywood films that are either banned or released after Censor Board deleted many erotic scenes. We swear you can't even dare to watch these movies with parents.

1. Kamasutra: A Tale of Love

The film directed by the iconic filmmaker Mira Nair is a loose adaptation of the erotic text Kamasutra written by the Indian saint Vatsyayana. This film was perhaps banned in India due to extreme bold scenes.

Later it was passed by the Censor Board but after deleting some of the explicit scenes. The film was however made on a big budget.

2. Ek Chhoti Si Love Story

This film is actually the remake of the Polish film ‘A Short Story about Love’. The movie revolved around a 14 year old boy who falls in love with a 26 year old lady and every time he dreams of her on his bed.

Prominent Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala who portrayed the role of the lady was heavily lashed out by many due to some bold scenes but it was later clarified that another actress who performed as her body double acted the bold sequences in the film.

3. Utsav

Utsav is based on the 6th century A.D. when courtesans were given respect in the community and to have a welfare standard life. There is a big place were all courtesans live and in that a women name Vasantasena (Rekha) was considered as the beauty queen. She was also in some higher position among all that prostitutes who were living there.

4. B.A Pass

Based on a story called The Railway Aunty by New York-based writer Mohan Sikka, BA Pass introduces us to its protagonist Mukesh at his parents’ funeral. young, college boy named Mukesh is initiated into the rites of sex by the emotionally frigid but mysteriously seductive Sarika Aunty, who then proceeds to pimp him out to lonely ‘aunties’ looking to spice up their dull lives until the arrangement ends, as it must, in tragedy.

5. Fire

This is probably the first Indian directed by Deepa Mehta film about lesbianism. The film has a seductive resonance. Women do a better job of creating art about sex, the two leading actresses Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi, their lives have been made empty, pointless and frustrating by husbands who see them as breeding stock or unpaid employees.

6. Matrubhoomi

In Matrubhoomi, Manish Jha tackles this delicate issues and venture into imaginary futuristic scenario of rural India’s village, where rural sex ratio reaches at absolute low that women are hard to find because of female infanticide. Without women, men take over housework but can't fulfill their sexual urges. 

7. Siddhartha

The journey of a Brahmin guy from simplicity towards lust and greed. Even four decades after its release, the movie has been making waves for its nude scenes, featuring Shashi Kapoor and Simi Garewal, who was one of the hottest actresses on the block at that time. 

8. Girlfriend

Girlfriend is a story about two intimate friends Tanya (Isha Koppikar) and Sapna (Amrita Arora) who have always been together since they were in college. Now they live together and each one of them is fond of the other, to that extent that if one does something, the other follows.

9. Aastha

Rekha and Late Om Puri are completely at ease with their roles, bringing all their restraint and experience to the portrayals. However, the irritants come in the form of the lovemaking scenes that show the actors in endless agony without even kissing, always to some ridiculous music.

10. Mastram

The stereotypical objectification of women in the movie as mere sex objects. The protagonist, who is supposed to be a 'clean' writer, is forced to write porn when he sees his wife having sex with his friend. He is happy that he has fodder for one more Mastram story.

11. Miss Lovely

'Miss Lovely', unfolds with this premise, set in the Mumbai of 1980's where sleazy, sex-horror films are mass-churned by the thriving C-grade movie industry, with depraved delight and unchaste ambitions.

12. Nasha

Poonam Pandey's Nasha is a cheap and forgettable film, despite all the loud claims she made on Twitter. The storyline is weak and the acting is pathetic. Nasha is such a bad film that it needs to be ranked 'Minus Zero'. 

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