True Facts About Hollywood You Always Miss

Hollywood has always been about suspension of disbelief. The idea that yes, a man can fly. That a short, squat, paunchy, ugly nobody can bed down with a beautiful woman and rise to the top. That a person with a mental disability can overcome said disability and be accepted by all. That there will be equality for blacks and Asians because someone wrote a screenplay saying it would be so. “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

Illusion is where it’s at. Don’t get me wrong. We enjoy the illusion. I don’t buy into it a hundred percent, but we enjoy going along with it for a few hours. Witness all the latest superhero flicks. You have men and women coming through helicopter crashes with nary a scratch. Sorry, in real life, people would get maimed at the very least and very dead at the very worst, but hey, this be Hollywood.

Think all the pretty women are like that every day? Without the war paint in some cases they look merely ordinary. Same deal with the dudes being in shape or looking as youthful as they do, but look closely…you’ll see the lines and marks and what have you.

#1. Hacking

In movies, it only takes a flash drive to upload a virus. The programmer puts a message saying “Uploading Virus” while it is actually happening. In real time, no programmer is concerned about putting a fancy component telling that virus is being uploaded. No gradient images to show the progress. 

#2. All Chinese people are kung-fu expert 

Whenever a fight scene with a Chinese person, He/She always seems to be an expert of Karate. May be many of them are aware of an art but not everyone is an expert.

#3. Fastest Hookups

People meet, conversation exchange for 4–5 mins and bang. It starts right from Laundry, restaurant restrooms, hotel corridors even in Airplane restrooms. 

#4. Saving the world, world means America

Every damn attack happens on American soil. It can be machines like Autobots, Decepticons or the Aliens. Everyone is interested in either Chicago, New York or Washington DC like there are no other cities on the planet.

#5. Explode a car with a bullet

Every manufacturer has to obey certain rules for safety and many of them are standard rules by the govt. So a single bullet shooting a high-end car like Mercedes brand to blow it up?

#6. Cheerleaders are bitches

Come on, this is something Hollywood seems to believe like the gospel. Bring it On, Mean Girls, American Beauty, John Tucker Must Die, Never been kissed... plot lines almost dependent on bitchy cheerleaders.

#7. Fighting against bunch means One by one

If you are a movie geek, you must have noticed this. One Man or Woman, Fighting against all odds and a lot of goons, Always ends up surviving.

#8. Ridiculous myth on the basis of the film Enemy at the Gates (2001)

Soviet soldiers run without guns (some have guns, some have only bullets) on enemy machine guns and die almost instantly, hen soviet soldiers cowardly run back, they got shot by barrier troops for being cowards.

Soviet soldiers are just unskilled, stupid cowards who fight against genius, well-trained Germans. Well, even till nowadays, that’s what majority of Americans think. This stupid myth “traveled” to many video games and even some documentaries.

#9. The hero always gets the girl

This is dangerous and insidious, as we are all the ‘hero’ of our own private stories. No matter how irritating, stupid, violent, sexist, ugly or geeky the man is, as long as they are the ‘hero’, they win the woman. 

#10. James Bond - the spymaster, the best shooter in the world

This is Bond. James Bond - the spymaster, the best shooter in the world, the best at hand-to-hand combat and also the best at… pretty much everything with his killer British accent. He’s the person to go to when the Queen and Country wanted something dirty done.

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